9th IEEE International Conference on Network Softwarization
19–23 June 2023 // Madrid, Spain
Boosting Future Networks through Advanced Softwarization

PhD Symposium

Tuesday, June 20, 2023

[17:00 – 17:05: Introduction]
[17:05 – 17:55: Session 1]

Resiliency, Reliability and Security

Session Chair: Guillaume Doyen

Investigating 5G Network Slicing Resilience through Survivability Modeling

Trond Vatten (Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway)

Towards Security Automation in Virtual Networks

Daniele Bringhenti, Riccardo Sisto and Fulvio Valenza (Politecnico di Torino, Italy)

Quantifying Security Risks in Cloud Infrastructures: A Data-driven Approach

Sousan Tarahomi and Ralph G Holz (University of Twente, The Netherlands); Anna Sperotto (Twente University, The Netherlands)
[17:55 – 18:30: Session 2]

Edge and fog computing

Session Chair: Guillaume Doyen

Intelligent Service Provisioning in Fog Computing

Gaetano Francesco Pittalà and Walter Cerroni (University of Bologna, Italy)

Zero-Touch MEC Resources for Connected Autonomous Vehicles Managed by Federated Learning

Carlos Ruiz de Mendoza and Cristina Cervelló-Pastor (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Spain)

Enabling Intelligence Inclusiveness in Edge to Cloud Continuum: Challenges and Opportunities

Javier Palomares, Jr. (Fundació i2CAT, Internet i Innovació Digital a Catalunya, Spain);
Estefania Coronado (Fundació i2CAT, Internet i Innovació Digital a Catalunya, Spain);
Cristina Cervelló-Pastor (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Spain);
Muhammad Shuaib Siddiqui (Fundació i2CAT, Internet i Innovació Digital a Catalunya, Spain).


Wednesday, June 21, 2023

[17:00 – 18:05: Session 3]


Session Chair: Giovanni Schembra

Energy-Oriented and Quality-Aware Solutions for Differentiated Adaptive Multimedia Delivery in Heterogeneous Mobile Network Environments

Bharat Agarwal (Dublin City University, Ireland);
Marco Ruffini (CONNECT, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland);
Gabriel-Miro Muntean (Dublin City University, Ireland)

From MPLS to SD-WAN to ensure QoS and QoE in cloud-based applications

Luca Borgianni (University of Pisa, Italy);
Sebastian Troia (Politecnico di Milano, Italy);
Davide Adami (CNIT Pisa Research Unit, University of Pisa, Italy);
Guido Maier (Politecnico di Milano, Italy);
Stefano Giordano (University of Pisa, Italy)

New approaches to data plane programmability for software datapaths in the NFV infrastructure

Tomasz Osiński and Halina Tarasiuk (Warsaw University of Technology, Poland)

Software Defined Wide Area Networks: Current Challenges and Future Perspectives

Annalisa Navarro, Roberto Canonico and Alessio Botta (University of Napoli Federico II, Italy)


[18:05 – 18:30: Session 4]

Network automation

Session Chair: Giovanni Schembra

Towards a Fully-Fledged Validation of 5G NetApps

Rafael Direito and Diogo Gomes (Universidade de Aveiro & Instituto de Telecomunicações, Portugal)

Autonomous Network Management in Multi-Domain 6G Networks based on Graph Neural Networks

Kaan Aykurt and Wolfgang Kellerer (Technische Universität München, Germany)